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Business Recovery in Taiwan

By Eve Baker - Sage Accredited Partner

Between 11th and 28th September 2016, the island of 27 million was hit by a succession of three powerful typhoons. It was at the start of the second storm, whilst auditing the adminsitrative processees tea planation, that Eve witnessed torrents of water falling through the ceiling – directly onto the computer desks below. The team’s response was to calmy move things out of danger and …… to strategically place umbrellas and buckets throughout the office, factory and warehouse.

During the evacuation to comforts of a provincial hotel Eve questioned the proprietor, Mr Li about his calm and somewhat ambivalent attitude. “He just seemed much too relaxed, reports Eve. Mr Li, shrugged his shoulders and explained that typhoons were quite a routine affair and that the factory would not flood, that the machinery had been covered, that the teas had been vacuum packed and were held in dry storage and that all essential data, such as the firms accounts and CRM had been automatically backed up ad stored at a secure location near te capital.

Mr Li’s son, Michael shows Eve that the tea plantation is undamaged.

Forests are planted to absorb the ferocity of the storm and to protect the ancient tea crops. Another example of risk management.

Mr Li added that all key members of staff had frequently and successfully practised the data recovery process and that all five previous data recoveries had been successful. “Yes, there is

always some risk” Mr Li went on, “but through a bit of planning there is a lot less.”

Mr Li inpsects his stock prior to export.

At that point he ordered us all a cup of tea.


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