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The Administrative & Accountancy Process

Video BN3

Business Nirvana Approach to the Admin/Accountancy Process (BN3)

I guess that I should start off by saying that Business Nirvana are neither book keepers nor chartered accountants but an entity that assists both parties to fill in the gaps within the administrative and software processes.

Business Nirvana are unique in that each of our partners have created, developed and sold vibrant businesses. Our specialisms include the highest degrees of accountancy software expertise; this is backed up by recognised teacher training certificates, disclosure & baring service (DBS) checks and several years experience in managing accountancy software at a directors level.

This does not mean that we will give accountancy advice. That is the role of your chartered accountant. Instead we can provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the numerous challenges that occur when you attempt to create an accurate administrative process.

This means that together we can resolve those issues methodically and systematically; leaving you to create meaningful management accounts on which to base your business decisions.

In short; through a combination of listening, training, coaching we can help you improve the integrity of your data that accurately reflects the actuality of your business.

We also offer a suite of free - bite sized video tutorials that will hopefully be useful in helping you to develop your business.

Thank you for watching this video. Please share this link now if you think that it could be of use to others. and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask?

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